La Ruleta Rusa. Entrega 71.

The Flock
The Groundhogs
The Doors
Tiempo LRR: 1 h. 17 mins. aprox.

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The Flock
The Flock, 1969

01. Clown (7:44)
02. Tired Of Waiting (4:40)

High Voltage, 1975

03. Little Lover (5:39)
04. She’s Got Balls (4:50)

The Groundhogs
Crosscut Saw, 1976

05. Crosscut Saw (3:44)
06. Fulftiment (7:36)

Camel, 1973

07. Mystic Queen (5:37)
08. Six Ate (6:02)

The Doors
L.A. Woman, 1971

09. Cars Hiss by My Window (4:12)
10. Riders on the Storm (7:09)

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