La Ruleta Rusa. Entrega 82.

Rich Robinson
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Rollins Band

Tiempo LMR:   1 h. 23 mins. aprox.

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Rich Robinson
Through A Crooked Sun, 2011

01. Lost And Found (4:27)
02. Standing On The Surface Of The Sun (6:22)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Americana, 2012

03. High Flyin’ Bird (5:30)
04. Jesus’ Chariot (She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain) (5:38)

Continental Circus, 1971

05. Blues For Findlay (11:19)
06. What Do You Want ? (9:08)

Rollins Band
The Only Way To Know For Sure, 2002

07. All I Want (4:23)
08. Starve (4:07)

Uphill All The Way, 1971

09. 115 Bar Joy (3:52)
10. Ain’t Got A Lot Of Future (6:50)

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