La Ruleta Rusa # 09. Caravan. Queen. Van Morrison. Big Star. The Parlor Mob.David Bowie. John Lennon. Elf. Tall Firs. Radiohead. Ten Years After. Man.

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La Ruleta Rusa #09

Background Music: Caravan. In the Land of Grey and Pink, 1971. Waterloo Lilly, 1972.
00. In The Land Of Grey And Pink (5:00). Caravan. In the land of grey and pink, 1971.
01. Father to son (6:14). Queen. Queen II, 1974.
02. When That Evening Sun Goes Down (3:06). Van Morrison. Tupelo Honey, 1971.
03. She’s a Mover (3:12). Big Star. Radio City, 1974.
04. My Favorite Heart To Break (4:01). The Parlor Mob. And You Were A Crow, 2008.
05. Wild is the Wind (6:01). David Bowie. Station to Station, 1976.
06. How Do You Sleep (Alt Version) (5:24). John Lennon. Anthology: [Ascot] [Disc 1], 1998.
07. I’m Coming Back For You (3:29). Elf. Elf, 1972.
08. Loveless (2:44). Tall Firs. Too Old To Die Young, 2008.
09. Morning bell (5:50). Radiohead. I Might Be Wrong Live, 2001.
10. Hear Me Calling (3:48). Ten Years After. Alvin Lee & Company, 1972.
11. Walkin’ the Dogma (6:08). Man. 2 Ozs. of Plastic with a Hole in the Middle, 1969

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