La Ruleta Rusa #08. Them Crooked Vultures. Brainstorm. Soundgarden. The Doors. Rollins Band. Van Der Graaf Generator. Audioslave. Rage Against The Machine. Blue Oyster Cult. Jorma Kaukonen with Tom Hobson. Procol Harum. Blind Melon. Supergrass

Background Music: Them Crooked Vultures, Selftitled, 2009. 00. Gunman (4:47). Them Crooked Vultures. Them Crooked Vultures, 2009. 01. You Are What’s Gonna Make It Last (3:28). Brainstorm. Smile A While, 1972. 02. Fell On Black Days (Video Version) (4:45). Soundgarden. Telephantasm, 2010. 03. Wishful Sinful (2:58). The Doors. The Soft Parade, 1969. 04. Action (5:52). […]

La Ruleta Rusa #07. XTC. Unwound. Lighthouse. Interpol. Arco Dombec. Stone The Crows. The Dear Hunter. Beth Orton. Midlake. The Presidents of the United States. Sugar. Superdrag

Background Music: XTC, Black Sea, 1980. 00. No language in our lungs (4:52). XTC, Black Sea, 1980. 01. Corpse Pose (3:06). Unwound. Repetition, 1996. 02. No More Searching (4:06). Lighthouse. Can You Feel It, 1973. 03. Summer Well (4:04). Interpol. Interpol, 2010. 04. Clean-Up Sunday (6:49). Ardo Dombec. Ardo Dombec, 1971. 05. Let It Down […]

La Ruleta Rusa #06. Guapo. Peter Hammill. God is an astronaut. Mudhoney. Affinity. Mogwai. Captain Beefheart. Nick Drake. The Police. Lou Reed

Background Music: Guapo. Elixirs, 2008. 00. Arthur, Elsie and Frances (10:53). Guapo. Elixirs, 2008. 01. The Birds (3:38). Peter Hammill. Fool’s Mate, 1971. 02. Far From Refuge (6:52). God Is An Astronaut. Far From Refuge, 2007. 03. We Are Rising (4:30). Mudhoney. The Luky Ones, 2008. 04. All Along The Watchtower (11:37). Affinity. Affinity, 1971. […]

La Ruleta Rusa #05. The Watch. Violent Femmes. Thunder & Roses. Jethro Tull. John Mayall. Quatermass. Cream. King Crimson. Otis Taylor. Supertramp. Cowboy Junkies

Background Music: The Watch. Ghost, 2006 y Vacuum, 2004. 00. DNAlien (8:36). The Watch. Ghost, 2006. 01. Country death sound (5:07). Violent Femmes. Add it up, 1993. 02. I Love A Woman (4:43). Thunder And Roses. King Of The Black Sunrise, 1969. 03. Commotion (2:45). Creedence Clearwater Revival. Green River, 1969. 04. A Song For […]

La Ruleta Rusa #04. Kraan. Pink Floyd. Pavlov’s Dog. Kaki King. Radiohead. Jimi Hendrix. The Black Crowes. The Smiths. Tin Machine. Robyn Hitchcock. Stone Temple Pilots. Led Zeppelin

Background Music: Kraan. Kraan, 1972 y Andy Nogger, 1974. 01. Summer 68 (5:29). Pink Floyd. Atom Heart Mother, 1970. 02. Natchez Trace (4:18). Pavlov’s Dog. Has Anyone Here Seen Sigfried?, 1977. 03. Life Being What It Is (4:00). Kaki King. Dreaming Of Revenge, 2008. 04. Lucky (3:56). Radiohead. Unplugged, 1996. 05. Hear My Train A […]

La Ruleta Rusa #03. The Who. Focus. Buffalo Springfield. Placebo. REM. Pearl Jam. Paul Weller. Head over Heels. Oasis. JJ Cale

01. My Wife (6:39). The Who. Live At The Royal Albert Hall, 2000. 02. Love Remembered (2:46). Focus. Focus III, 1973. 03. Burned (2:20). Buffalo Springfield. Buffalo Springfield, 2001. 04. Julien (4:41). Placebo. Battle for the Sun, 2009. 05. Binky The Doormat (5:02). R.E.M. New Adventures in Hi-Fi, 1996. 06. Low Light (4:19). Pearl Jam. […]

La Ruleta Rusa #02. Eric Burdon & The Animals. U2. Faith No More. Jane’s Addiction. Buffalo Tom. Bad Company. Peter Gabriel. Queens of the Stone Age. Zior. Faces. The Clash

En la segunda entrega de La Ruleta Rusa nos visitaron: El gran Eric Burdon y sus animales, en plena psicodelia a finales de los 60 con su Love Is. U2 y su eterno War, publicado en el año 1983. Faith No More con el que fue su último álbum grabado en el año 1997, Album […]

La Ruleta Rusa #01. Gov’t Mule. Grateful Dead. PJ Harvey. King Crimson. Dinosaur Jr. Cream. Pearl Jam. The White Stripes. Jefferson Airplane. Television

En este primer número de La Ruleta Rusa tuvimos el honor de compartir espacio con: Una de las bandas de rock sureño actual por excelencia, los Gov´t Mule, abrieron las emisiones de LRR con su Dose del año 88. Los míticos Grateful Dead de los que escuchamos una selección extraída de su caja, Golden Road […]

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