La Ruleta Rusa #233. Seven That Spells. Jason Collett. Sungrazer. Deep Purple. The Ents. Idlewar. Alice In Chains. The Golden Grass. REM. Win The Sun


In 06:41
Seven That Spells. The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: AUM, 2011
Progressive Rock, Rock Psicodélico
Henry’s Song 04:09
Jason Collett. Here’s To Being Here, 2008
Songwriter. Alternative Rock
Zero Zero 07:44
Sungrazer. Sungrazer, 2010
Stoner/Psychedelic Rock
Jam Stew 03:57
Deep Purple. Listen, Learn, Read On, 1973
Classic Hard Rock
House With No Door 06:27
The Ents. Traveling Lights, 2014
Progressive Rock
Eleventeen 03:17
IDLEWAR. Dig In, 2015
Hard Rock
Shame In You 05:35
Alice In Chains. Alice In Chains, 1995
Rock Alternativo. Grunge
Please Man 05:21
The Golden Grass. The Golden Grass, 2014
Hard Rock. Psychedelic Rock
Just A Touch 03:00
R.E.M. Life’s Rich Pageant, 1986
Alternative Rock
Need it Tonight(The Light) 05:06
Win the Sun. Win the Sun, 2014
Hard Rock