La Ruleta Rusa #08. Them Crooked Vultures. Brainstorm. Soundgarden. The Doors. Rollins Band. Van Der Graaf Generator. Audioslave. Rage Against The Machine. Blue Oyster Cult. Jorma Kaukonen with Tom Hobson. Procol Harum. Blind Melon. Supergrass

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La Ruleta Rusa #08

Background Music: Them Crooked Vultures, Selftitled, 2009.

00. Gunman (4:47). Them Crooked Vultures. Them Crooked Vultures, 2009.
01. You Are What’s Gonna Make It Last (3:28). Brainstorm. Smile A While, 1972.
02. Fell On Black Days (Video Version) (4:45). Soundgarden. Telephantasm, 2010.
03. Wishful Sinful (2:58). The Doors. The Soft Parade, 1969.
04. Action (5:52). Rollins Band. Get Some Go Again, 2000.
05. The Emperor In His War Room (8:19). Van Der Graaf Generator. H to He, Who Am the Only One, 1970.
06. Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye (3:33). Audioslave. Revelations, 2006.
07. Maria (3:48). Rage Against the Machine. The Battle of Los Angeles, 1999.
08. I’m On The Lamb But I Ain’t No Sheep (3:11). Blue Oyster Cult. Blue Oyster Cult, 1972.
09. I’ll Be All Right (3:13). Jorma Kaukonen With Tom Hobson. Quah, 1974.
10. The Unquiet Zone (3:39). Procol Harum. Procol’s Ninth, 1975.
11. Pull (3:29). Blind Melon. Nico, 1996.
12. Cheapskate (2:43) Supergrass. In it for the money, 1997.

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