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Paul McCartney y Wings en La Ruleta Rusa Radio Rock
La Ruleta Rusa

La Ruleta Rusa #43. The Sheepdogs. Yes. The Lollipops. Paul McCartney and The Wings.

PLAYLIST LRR#43 01. Let it All Show (4:59). The Sheepdogs. Big Stand, 2006.02. The First Year (6:21). The Sheepdogs. Big Stand, 2006.03. Siberian Khatru (10:17). Yes. Keys to Ascension, 1996.04. Roundabout (8:30). Yes. Keys to Ascension, 1996.05. You Forgot My Name (2:47). The Lollipops. Hold!, 2011.06. Jack Horror Show (3:42). TheSeguir leyendo …