La Ruleta Rusa #10. Tom Waits. The Incredible String Band. Drive Like Jehu. The Kinks. Muse. Fairport Convention. Jet. Pavement. Brian Auger. The Hellacopters. Neil Young.

Background Music: Tom Waits. The Heart of Saturday Night, 1974. Blue Valentine, 1978.

00. New Coat of Paint (3:24). Tom Waits. The Heart of Saturday Night, 1974.
01. Can´t Keep Me Here (2:15). The Incredible String Band. The Incredible String Band, 1968.
02. Here Come The Rome Plows (5:43). Drive Like Jehu. Yank Crime, 1994.
03. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (3:05). The Kinks. The Kink Kontroversy, 1965.
04. Unintended (3:57). Muse. Showbiz, 1999.
05. Eastern Rain New (3:33). Fairport Convention. What we did in our holidays, 1970.
06. Holiday (3:26). Jet. Shine On, 2006.
07. Pueblo (3:25). Pavement. Wowee Zowee, 1999.
08. Oblivion Express (7:45). Brian Auger. Oblivion Express, 1971.
09. Bore me (3:19). The Hellacopters. Supershitty To The Max, 1996.
10. Off The Road (3:22). Neil Young. Fork In The Road, 2009.

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