La Ruleta Rusa. Entrega 23.

Playlist: 1h. 10 mins. aprox.

01. Turn It On (4:40). Gugun Power Trio. Far East Blues Experience, 2010.
02. Cool Breeze (4:16). Tree. Tree, 2011.
03. I Want You (5:26). Spirit Of John Morgan. Spirit Of John Morgan, 1971.
04. Give Up The Ghost (4:50). Radiohead. The King Of Limbs, 2011.
05. Remote (2:56). Giant Sand. Is All Over The Map, 2004.
06. If’n (3:17). Firehouse. Fromohio, 1989.
07. Talk about the Passion (3:24). R.E.M. Murmur, 1983.
08. Higher Than The Sun (4:06). DeWolff. Orchards/Lupine, 2011.
09. Poor Moon (2:44). Canned Heat. Hallelujah, 1970.
10. Brazen (3:16). Heartless Bastards. All This Time, 2008.
11. House Of Freedom (5:38). Anderson / Wakeman. The Living Tree, 2010.

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